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Click on this link for SURF Video: SURF ATM Network

Beware of Skimmers

A significant amount of card fraud comes from skimmers on ATMs, gas pumps and retail store point-of-sale (POS) machines. A skimmer is a device that's attached to a card reader on an ATM or POS unit that collects your card information when you swipe your card. Skimmers are designed to fit over the actual card reader and blend into the unit. They can be difficult to spot.
When you're using your cards, check out the card reader or POS unit BEFORE you swipe your card. Does it look different from the last time you used it? Is the color of the card reader consistent with the rest of the unit? Take a second and pull gently on the card reader. If it moves, then it may be a skimmer. You should also check the keypad. If the keypad doesn't seem to be secure, then it may be a skimmer.
Check any ATMs you use for external cameras that may be attached to it. These cameras are used to record the PIN number you enter. Get in the habit of always covering the keypad when you enter your PIN at an ATM.
If anything seems out of place or odd, trust your instincts and move to a different ATM or gas pump. And check the history on your accounts frequently and report anything you don't recognize to your financial institution immediately.
We've put photos of the card readers and key pads at our ATM above so you can use them as a reference.
Remember...you are the first defense against card fraud on your account.

Click on the graphic for a complete listing of the
SURF locations in Maine.

Central Maine Credit Union also belongs to CO-OP ATM.
This offering ensures that you will have access to a surcharge-free ATM wherever you go!

What is CO-OP ATM?      

It is a surcharge-free ATM Network just like the SurF Alliance.
The SurF Alliance is in the State of Maine only for surcharge-free ATMs that our members may use without fees.

The CO-OP is owned by credit unions and offer nearly 30,000 ATM and retail locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

You can find a location on-line at www.co-opnetwork.org,
by calling  888-SITE-COOP or text messaging 692667 (mycoop) from any mobile phone or GPS locator service that lets you download directly to any GPS device.

Just look for the logos to access your money anywhere without fees!

Our Central Maine FCU Debit Card  makes using your checking account easier and more convenient, without all the usual check writing hassles. Where checks aren't accepted, such as restaurants and gas stations, or when you don't want to carry your checkbook - use your  Central Maine FCU Debit Card instead.

There are no annual fees for the Central Maine FCU Debit Card  and it can be used instead of a check wherever Visa debit is accepted. Simply present your Central Maine FCU Debit Card  and your transaction will be deducted automatically from your CMCU checking account. These transactions will appear on your checking account statement each month.
Use your  Central Maine FCU Debit Card  "surcharge-free" at ATMs in Maine displaying the SURF Dude logo.

Voice Guidance ATM

Our ATM, located in the first drive up lane at 1000 Lisbon Street in Lewiston, is speech enabled to service the visually impaired.

The speech enabled feature provides vocal operating instructions, transaction prompts, user input verification, error messages and all displayed information.

A plug-in jack is located at the bottom left, below the ATM screen and accepts any universal headsets, headphones or standard earbuds.

A few simple things
you can do to keep
yourself safe at
an ATM:

Verified by Visa Debit
SURF Surcharge-free ATMs

Central Maine Federal Credit Union

1000 Lisbon Street
Lewiston, ME 04240
Fax: 1-207-777-1914

836 Center Street
Auburn, ME 04210
Fax: 1-207-440-2100

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1746
Lewiston, ME 04241-1746

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